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Means "Earth" and is the root of our founder's last name, Terrazas which equates to "of the Earth" (terra + aceous). 


Stomata are the tiny mouth-like openings on the surface of plants that take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, representing our shared breath with the natural world.

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terra stoma means "earth gate" and symbolizes a portal of connection to the earth + to ourselves.

our beauty rituals have the power to radicalize us...

For those who have felt excluded, forgotten, or oppressed by beauty, we invite you to reclaim it. Practiced with intention, our practices give us space to reclaim our-selves, identities, inspiration, and pleasure. 

It is Terra Stoma's mission to nourish beauty from the inside-out, providing vibrant products that pack a punch while staying gentle on you -and- the Earth.

Vegan, Eco Conscious, High-Pigment, & free of BS ingredients. Because you deserve to have it all.

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