LastRound is a reusable alternative to makeup pads and rounds. It’s made of a shape-shifting fabric that feels just like regular cotton rounds when liquid is applied and one pack is good for 1750 uses or more.


The rounds are made of 70% Scandinavian wood fibers and 30% cotton fibers that are too short to be used in the textile industry. Each pack comes with 7 reusable cotton pads in a Recycled Ocean-Bound Plastic case.


Used rounds can be handwashed with soap & water or machine washed at 140°F. Allow them to air-dry before putting back in the case.


To extend their lifespan, wash rounds in the mesh Laundry Bag, made from 100% Organic Cotton. Rounds that are no longer usable can be fully composted.

LastRound - Reusable Cotton Pads