Plant-based, non-toxic, & cruelty-free eyeshadow.

Goes on liquid, dries in seconds, and stays until you're ready to remove it.


Doll is an extra special, baby pink with a cool-toned shimmer that shifts to warm peach in the sun.


All eyeshadows can be layered -- worn light for everyday occasions, or bolder as a statement color. They come in small bottles, but the pigment is mighty! This intensity of color makes them friendly on a wide array of skin tones.


BONUS: Shimmery shades like this one double as a charming highlight for the face!


Video shows the famous *smudgeless wipe* in Neptune.

Eye Potion - DOLL

  • Terra Stoma is committed to doing right by the Earth and balancing all actions responsibly. Plastic is typically seen as a "cheap" material, however its cost to the Earth is expensive. 

    For this reason, every item packaged in plastic has a "Plastic Tax" attached to it. This means that $1 of each item sold will be donated to an organization that is helping make the world a better place. Please select one that speaks to you!