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Beauty is not earned or granted; it is claimed.
Beauty is for everyone. For those who have felt excluded, forgotten, or oppressed by beauty, we invite you to reclaim it. All Terra Stoma offerings are made with reverence for the innate beauty we all possess. Our practices give us space to challenge exclusionary perceptions, including our own.

there is self-care in self-expression.
Giving ourselves permission to play and be creative IS an act of self-care. We want your beauty ritual to be the thing you look forward to and find safety & nourishment in. Whether engaging in loving touch with a facial oil, uplifting your spirit with an herbal formula, or wearing a bold color that makes you feel chingona on the days you forget.

allowing ourselves to be seen is a revolution.
Expression is woven into who we are as humans, as both a birthright and a necessity. Engaging with our creative energy and sharing that with the world is a radical act. We do not dim ourselves to make others comfortable. We shine to invoke a new way of living in the world.

Terra Stoma is an invitation to love yourself through color - to indulge in creative play and Glow like the star stuff you are.



The Beauty Industry contributes over 120 Billion pieces of plastic waste per year. We take this very seriously and our goal is to be almost entirely plastic-free by the end of 2022! Click the logo above to learn more!


We believe natural & empowering beauty-care should be available to all. Terra Stoma products are formulated for a wide variety of skin tones, packaged in a gender-neutral format, and offered at an accessible price point.

KIND ingredients

Terra Stoma products are both Vegan and Cruelty-Free. We ensure that none of our raw ingredients have been tested on animals or contain any covert animal biproducts.


We practice a Holistic Beauty model, which means nourishing beauty from the inside-out. This is why our offerings range from recorded, educational classes, to herbal tinctures, personal care, & cosmetics.


All Terra Stoma items are Herbalist formulated by Taylor Terrazas + handmade with love & intention in very small batches. We purchase high quality, Organic certified ingredients from small, trusted suppliers.


Terra Stoma makeup is easy to use, because there is no right or wrong way. Only what feels right for you! Everything can be applied by hand, or with tools if you prefer. Our products are designed to fit into your busy lifestyle.


Natural doesn't have to mean sacrificing fun colors. Our offerings are vibrant & high-pigment so you can stay true to your creativity while caring for yourself and the Earth.

no BS

No harsh chemicals, no mystery ingredients, no crap. Our ingredients are clean & understandable. Some of our products contain clean or naturally derived preservatives for safety. We select these based on efficacy and their EWG safety rating.


Taylor Terrazas is a trained Herbalist of 7 years & Wellness Advocate from Austin, TX. 

Growing up mixed-race in white spaces, a late bloomer, and often labeled a "weirdo", I always felt dissonant with the primary beauty narrative. I tried hard to mold myself to certain beauty standards, but inside worried if I'd ever be able to truly love and accept my honest self. It seemed unfair to feel shame and rejection over things that were a natural part of me and couldn't be changed.


As I got older, I stopped wearing makeup, spent years peeling back layers of imposed beauty standards, and rebuilt trust and safety with myself. I eventually found my way back to makeup, but this time for creative expression, as a reclamation of beauty.

Unable to find natural products on the market that were bold, vibrant, and suited for diverse skin tones, I began applying my knowledge of herbal product making to cosmetics.

Terra Stoma was born out of a deep love of creating and a reverence for the uniqueness and beauty of others. We are all worthy of feeling safe & seen. We all have a right to feel good in our bodies.

Self-love is not a destination or event; it's a practice. *Wherever* you are on this journey, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your practice.

About Taylor Terrazas

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